Sureshot Redemption


Sureshot Redemption was launched in 1997 with a mission to bring a new standard of service to the redemption merchandise industry. After a 2-year, worldwide sourcing effort, Sureshot introduced a top-notch selection of prize merchandise for redemption counters at entertainment centers, theme parks, carnivals, school fairs and arcades.

Sureshot merchandise includes tried and true redemption staples, from spider rings and whoopee cushions, to Rocket Lamps and brand name CD players. In every case, individual items are selected as the best combination of quality and price value. And the line as a whole offers a strategic mix of appealing items for every ticket value, gender, and taste.

Sureshot’s staff are all veterans in the redemption industry. Our no-nonsense service approach reflects a commitment to maximizing the efficiency of our customer’s redemption operations and encouraging long term relationships. Sureshot is meant to be the sure, reliable alternative in an industry where concerns about “fill rates”, and service in general, are at an all time high.

Sureshot items are also available to interested retailers who would like to add toys, novelties, and fast-moving impulse items to their merchandise mix.

If you would like to find out more about Sureshot, contact us at the address/phone below, or use the links on the left to request a catalog or additional information.

Sureshot Redemption
1500 S. Hellman Ave.
Ontario, California 91761 USA
Phone 909-923-5700, Fax 909-773-1760
Toll Free 888-887-8738 (888-88-SURE8)